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Natural Asthma Treatment – Take on The Root Cause of your Allergic Reaction

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The treatment of asthma

With asthma being such a common ailment, it is unsurprising that the development of drugs used to treat the illness has advanced greatly and with continued success.

While the doctor will prescribe for you an inhaler with which you can direct drugs into your airways instantly, there are a number of things you can do to help yourself fight against the asthma alongside the prescribed drugs.

Finding the key treatment

It is important to find out why you suffer from asthma; asthma is a condition in which the sufferer cannot breathe to full capacity, and finds lung capacity severely restricted. This is because the muscles in the relevant areas contract in response to attacks from toxins that cause what we know as an allergic reaction.

The trick is to find the cause, or trigger, that brings this reaction on in the first place.

For many it can be inhaling pollen that is carried din the air, and this is known as hay fever. There are many natural hay fever tablets on the market, from medicinal ones to herbal, and if you are to try one of these please check with your doctor first that it will not have an adverse effect on your prescribed medication.

The importance of the diet

An equally common cause of allergic reaction that leads to asthma is what we eat – you may be including in your diet items that the body is averse to, hence the importance of deducing what it may be that causes an allergic reaction.

We do this by elimination, in which we isolate certain foodstuffs for specific exclusion form our daily diet for set times. If, with one of these removed, symptoms disappear than we know we have found the trigger.

Dairy intolerance

Common culprits are dairy products – milk, yoghurt and cheese – and also wheat products such as bread. These need to be eliminated from the diet if they are responsible for allergic reaction.

Likewise, what we don’t eat can have an effect, too, as there are many foodstuffs that can have a beneficial effect in the fight against asthma.

Onions are a recommended source of oxidants that work to help the heart keep beating at a healthy rate. This aids a healthy blood flow, something absolutely vital to the strength of our vital organs, and to the correct operation of the immune system that protects against allergic attacks.

Garlic and spices

Also to be eaten with benefit are garlic and many of the hot spices, as these aid the heart, and honey, mixed with hot water and lemon juice, is an example of a soothing and beneficial drink that has been found to aid asthma systems thanks to its restorative qualities in relation to the airways.

A healthy and balanced diet – one that can be varied and enjoyable, too – coupled with regular exercise to keep the heart in trim, and avoidance of foods that adversely affect your system, can be a sensible aid to asthma alongside your prescribed medication.

asthma cure

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    To act on the root cause of any allergy will definitely have an excellent result. I am happy the way this blog is dealing with the subject, in a more systematic and scientific way. Asthma is something that can cause lot of trouble for so many and how it affects the working class is a known fact. Thanks once again for the info.

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    i have been suffering from Asthma ever since i was little kid. i can only manage it by taking medicines and some food supplements. ‘

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